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USA (Underground Surveying and Analysis Ltd) and USSR (Underground System and Sewer Repair Ltd) Ltd are the leading providers of Pipe and Drain Surveying, inspection, repair and Pipe Renovation services in Ireland.

Our highly trained engineering staff are experienced in all aspects of ‘no dig ‘ technology . Formed in 1993, the group has continued to grow year by year expanding our range of specialist Underground CCTV Survey and Pipe Repair Services within the water and utility industries.

Our full range of services include:

Manhole Surveys

USA-Ltd. carry out detailed studies of public, private and industrial sewage assets of all types. This includes: Manholes, Combined Storm Overflows, Pumping Stations and sewage Treatment works. The size of Manhole Surveys can be from several thousand to a couple of manholes Click here to read more.

CCTV Surveys

Operating from our head office in Dublin we deliver the following: Underground Drains CCTV Surveys, Underground Sewers Surveys, Underground Boreholes Surveys, Underground Pipeline Surveys and Surveys of Underground Ducts and other inaccessible locations. Click here to read more.

Impermeable Area Studies

USA Ltd have many years experience of supporting all design aspects of infrastructure development. We offer a specialised data collection service for the water industry, i.e. Impermeable Area Studies and Pumping Station Surveys. Click here to read more.

Taking in Charge Surveys

To conform to County Council Guidelines with regard to the taking in charge of housing developments Underground CCTV Surveys and Manhole Surveys are required. USA Ltd carries out all aspects of this survey and prepares reports, maps and DVD’s to suit individual specifications. The Taking in Charge Reports. include: Click here to read more.

Drain Integrity Studies

Before an IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) license is granted or renewed by the Environmental Protection Agency they must be satisfied that emissions from a facility do not cause a significant adverse environmental impact. A Drain Integrity Study is carried out to ensure that the facility is compliant with any relevant quality standard for waters, trade effluent and sewage effluent.Click here to read more.

Pipe Renovation

Basic municipal infrastructure was built largely between 30 and 60 years ago. Many existing pipe networks such as water mains and sewers have succumbed to age related deterioration, distribution due to ground movement and other forms of stress and are in need of Pipe Renovation. Many Irish towns have busy, narrow streets. Traditional approaches to Pipe Renovation or rehabilitating pipe networks have relied of excavation. Click here to read more.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Manholes are underground chambers built to provide man-entry access to service maintain sewer and drain lines, water valves and meters, and communication and power equipment. They are subject to erosion from ground water intrusion, corrosion from liquids and gases, dynamic traffic loads as well as general deterioration from age and wear so Manhole Rehabilitation is required. Manhole Rehabilitation provided by USA Ltd can fix this problem. Click here to read more.

Water Main Cleaning

Air Scouring of water mains is an extremely effective ‘non-aggressive’ method of Water Main Cleaning. From 75mm diameter to 300mm diameter, with typical cleaning lengths ranging from 100 to 1000 metres. Factair, in conjunction with the Water Research Council pioneered the process in the UK. Click here to read more.

Testing of Sewers

Click here to read more.

Sewer Cleaning and Pipe Cleaning

Our mission is to provide a high quality, high production Drain Cleaning Service in an environmentally friendly manner. We specialize in Sewer Cleaning and Pipe Cleaning using the latest waste water recycling technology, the Super 3000.

USA Ltd can be contacted on on +353 1 4564991.