About Us

USA Ltd and USSR Ltd are the leading providers of Pipe and Drain Surveying, Inspection, Pipe Repair and Pipe Renovation services in Ireland. Formed in 1993, the group has continued to grow year by year expanding our range of specialist Underground Pipe Survey and Underground Pipe Repair services within the water and utility industries.

USA Ltd provide a comprehensive range of CCTV drainage Surveying and Mapping services throughout Ireland.

USSR Ltd are specialists in the latest Cured in Place Pipe technology. New techniques allow us to repair and maintain old sewer systems with the minimum of disturbance to the surrounding environment. USSR Ltd offer a whole range of “No Dig” solutions to our clients, such as full-length linings, patch liners, “Top Hat” repair at connections using the latest very high strength UV Light cured Sewer Lining process. We recognise the needs of our many and varied clients and have put together a range of services that enable us to provide a “one stop shop” to meet their requirements.

From fast reactive maintenance to large civil engineering works our group of companies has the in-house resources to get the job done.