Blockage removal

Blockage removal

A simple blocked drain can render your drainage system completely ineffective. A blockage in the sewer line can cause sewage to back up inside a building. USA Ltd have specially trained staff that work with our range of jetting vehicles which are equipped to tackle any Job, large or small. Our Van Pack Jetting Units are ideal for unblocking small diameter and domestic drains.

How can I tell if my drains are blocked?

  • Water not emptying or emptying slowly from your sink, Bath, or shower
  • Toilet water is black/grey
  • Gurgling or flowing sounds from the plugholes
  • Smell coming from your pipes


High pressure Water Jetting offers an effective solution to unblocking drains. Water is jetted through the drain and frees any blockages. Drains can become blocked as a result of the build up of grit, stone, mud and other debris carried by flood water from heavy rainfalls. It is often advised that a CCTV survey of the drain is carried out to identify the location of the blockage and the condition of the piping. When blockages are found, the pipes and drains can then be jetted in order for the drains to run free again. Water jetting is much more effective for unblocking drains than traditional drain rod procedures. We offer a range of capabilities from our Jetting vehicles such as:

  • 460 litres/ minute jetting @ 150 bar water jetting pressure
  • 4000 cubic meter / hr liquid ring vacuum with 150mm suction hose
  • 5000l water tank with separate 10,000l sludge chambers
  • 180m of 32mm jetting hose c/w 180 degree swivel boom
  • Full water recycling facility

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