Barna, Co. Galway

Barna, Co. Galway

Galway County Council
Sub contractor to: Roadbridge Limited
Lining of defective culvert ( Culvert Pipe Lining ) under major Traffic Route at Galway Main Drainage

Culvert Pipe Installation

Culvert Pipe Installation

USSR Ltd. were requested to investigate the possibility of lining the culvert which changed in dimension from 900mm to 1200mm after 5 metres. After our initial investigation, we consulted with INPIPE Sweden to fabricate a Culvert Liner that could accept the change in dimension and also the future loading as the existing culvert was structurally unsound. Furthermore, 2 x 150mm ducts had to be installed in the roof of the culvert to allow for bypass pumping of the river during the operation due to the heavy traffic volumes on the road. The liner was designed and manufactured to cater for the conditions on site and thus began the Culvert Pipe Installation process. All bypass pumping, ducting, cleaning and lining works were carried out by USSR Ltd. personnel.

The works were completed to the satisfaction of the Engineer in charge and the client. All major traffic disruption and inconvenience to the local people, that would have resulted had the works been carried out by traditional open cut methods, had been avoided.


Pre-Lining of Pipes

Pre Lining of Pipes at Barna


Post Lining of Pipes

Post Lining of Pipes at Barna


For more information on the Barna, Co. Galway Culvert Pipe Lining scheme contact USSR Ltd. on +353 1 4564991.

Footage of Culvert Pipe Installation surveyed by USA Ltd, Chapelizod Road

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