Castlebar Environs Sewerage Scheme

Mayo County Council
Castlebar Sewer Rehabilitation

This Scheme consisted of following sub-projects:

  • CCTV Survey & cleaning of 27,000 metres of sewers ranging in size from 150ø to 1200ø
  • Removal of intrusions & obstructions in the sewer network by remote Robotic Cutting - 470 nr
  • Sewer Lining of existing sewers from 150ø to 450ø with INPIPE GRP (UV cured) liner - 13,500 metres
  • Re-opening of connections after Sewer Lining by remote Robotic Cutting - 876 nr
  • Placement of Top Hats (Cosmic UV Cured) in defective laterals to seal against infiltration - 876 nr
  • Localised Sewers Repairs to existing sewers 150ø to 450ø (Cosmic UV Cured Part-liner) - 130 nr
  • Test & Seal to leaking joints 150ø to 900ø pipes - 39 nr
  • Sealing of Manholes against infiltration and structural Lining of Manholes using Permacast - 160 nr
  • CCTV Survey of the Renovated Sewer Lines on completion - 17,376 metres
  • Submission of Safety File and receipt of Certificate of Substantial Completion from the Engineers in Charge