Galway Main Drainage

Galway County Council
Galway Main Drainage Stage 3

This Scheme consisted of following sub-projects:

  • Upgrade the capacity of Mutton Island WWTW including preparation of an EIS.
  • Assess the existing sewerage network with regard to structural condition, hydraulic condition, infiltration and operation of Storm Overflows.
  • Prepare outline proposals for Sewerage Rehabilitation of the network so as to improve the operation of the overall Sewerage System and to provide capacity to cater for new developments.
  • Prepare outline proposals to extend the sewerage network to cater for new development in areas not currently served with a Sewerage Infrastructure.
  • Development of a Wastewater Treatment Strategy for Galway City Council and Galway County Council for implementation over a 20 year period, in a short, medium and long term structure. This includes proposal for a new Galway East Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Development of guideline Water Drainage Policies.
  • Manhole Surveying and CCTV Surveying

    USA LTD undertook the contract for Manhole Surveying and CCTV Surveying the sewers for this project. CCTV Survey work commenced in 2004. In total the following was surveyed:



    As a result of the CCTV Surveys carried out on the manholes and pipelines a proposal for Sewer Rehabilitation and Manhole Rehabilitation was outlined by USA ltd.

For further information on the Galway Main Drainage Scheme contact USA Ltd. on +353 45 394010.