Case Study – Intel, Leixlip

Intel, Leixlip
Pipeline Renovation

The scope of the Intel project was to reduce the amount of infiltration making its way into the network in order to reduce the overall volumes which was already operating to full capacity.


The main area of concern identified in regards the infiltration issue was a field behind the Intel campus, where the network ran parallel to the River Rye. During winter months and heavy rainfalls, the river constantly burst its banks, causing the field to flood and incidentally the network in the surrounding area became surcharged. USSR Ltd were brought in to carry out the relining of these pipelines to eliminate the ingress of water into the network and thus reduce the volumes entering the treatment plant.


One of the biggest issues faced with on this project was getting any required equipment and materials for this type of job to the site. Access to the site was only pedestrian & small equipment from the Intel campus and the only other access was through a flooded section of a field to the rear of the campus. USSR Ltd was contacted to complete these works due to our unique OFF-ROAD capabilities which was the only way in which it was possible to have the required equipment in the right position for these Pipeline Renovations. Our custom built relining rig was then stripped of all equipment which was then transferred to our Hagglunds BV 206 All-Terrain Vehicle. Using this All-Terrain Vehicle allowed us to carry out the works without the worry of getting stuck if the field conditions deteriorated or without the potential of damaging equipment. A tractor and low loader was used to transfer the materials and generators to the site which was already partially submerged due the river bursting its banks days previously.


  • In total USSR Ltd relined 263 metres of 410mm pipeline across a four-day period.