Drain Integrity Study

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Drain Integrity Study

Before an IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) license is granted or renewed by the Environmental Protection Agency they must be satisfied that emissions from a facility do not cause a significant adverse environmental impact. A Drain Integrity Study is carried out to ensure that the facility is compliant with any relevant quality standard for waters, trade effluent and sewage effluent. USA-Ltd has been carrying out such studies for many years. The Drainage Integrity Study will determine the condition of the drains (Process, Foul and Storm water) and manholes, determine any defects or problem area’s, propose remedial works and carry out these remedial works.



In particular:


  •   A CCTV Survey of all the drains will be carried out. Drain Cleaning if needed will be carried out in conjunction with the Underground CCTV Survey to insure that a complete survey of all lines is possible.
  •  Manhole Surveys will be carried out to determine condition, invert level, cover level and internal dimensions. An infiltration test can also be carried out on all manholes.
  •   Hydrostatic testing of all pipelines and manholes.
  •   Reports, maps and DVD will be prepared resulting from the CCTV Drain Surveys.
  •   Any defects will be noted and a proposal for any remedial works will be drawn up.
  •   Remedial work if necessary will be carried out using our no-dig trenchless technology.
  •   A post rehabilitation survey will be carried out.


All this work can be carried out during shut down periods if necessary.


CCTV Pipeline Inspection


USA Ltd. offer a professional CCTV Drain Survey and Pipeline Survey. Our team of experts use the very latest high-tech equipment for all CCTV Pipeline Inspection work.

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