GPR Surveys

GPR Surveys

GPR works on the radar principle, but underground, transmitting pulses of radio wave energy into the ground and measuring their reflection to create a cross-section image of different material layers, boundaries and objects under the surface. It is also used to identify cable routes and pipelines beneath the ground using a combination of non-invasive and non-destructive means to identify underground features.

Different radio frequencies are used for different applications – higher frequencies give higher resolution data at shallow depths, and lower frequencies can be used to get information from deeper areas below the ground.

GPR Survey Applications

• Utility detection and mapping
• Structural integrity testing
• Establish the physical dimension and arrangement of a structure
• Underground tank mapping and leakage studies
• Pavement, road, rail bed investigations
• Identification and risk analysis of natural obstacles
• Measure asphalt thickness and concrete damage beneath the pavement
• Concrete inspection and evaluation
• Environmental surveys
• Trenchless technology and directional studies
• Locate metallic and non-metallic objects

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