Impermeable Area Studies

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Impermeable Area Surveys

We have many years experience of supporting all design aspects of infrastructure development. We offer a long established specialist data collection service for the water industry in the form of Impermeable Area Surveys and Pumping Station Surveys for projects throughout Ireland.


Impermeable Area Survey is an important part of effective Surface Rainwater Drainage and is conducted to establish an understanding of the drainage of roofs, concrete & road surfaces and other impermeable areas. Clearly, the more impermeable area that is connected to a sewer network, the greater the likelihood of problems during severe rainfall. Therefore, it is vital to have a proper Flood Management system in place.


Surface Water Run-off


Our fully trained and experienced surveyors identify the Surface Water Runoff. Clients are presented with results compatible with G.I.S modelling and mapping software packages.


To set up a Sustainable Drainage System or for help or assistance with any Rooftop Runoff or Stormwater problem contact USA Ltd. on +353 1 4564991.