Localised Repairs

Localised Repairs

In many cases there is only a small section of damaged pipeline that requires repair. In this instance it is more cost effective to use a localised Part Liner to repair the defect rather than reline the entire pipeline. USSR Ltd. uses the Cosmic Part Liner System to carry out repairs to isolated defects.

Typical defects include root ingress, infiltration, exfiltration, open or displaced joints, cracks, fractures, breaks and holes.

The Cosmic Localised repair system uses polyester impregnated corrosion resistant fibreglass material It can be varied in length from 400mm to 1000mm. Localised Patch Repairs can be carried out on pipe sizes ranging from 100mm to 600mm. The Epoxy component achieves superior sealing on wet surfaces.

Installation can be from one access point. The Partliner material is prepared in the truck and placed on the applicator. A self-propelled robot places the packer at the correct position in the pipe where the defect is located. When the Partliner Repair System is in position the packer is inflated to the correct pressure dependant on the pipe size. Once the proper pressure has been reached, UV lights inside the packer are activated. Curing of the GRP mat impregnated with Polyester Resin commences and is completed in approximately 7 minutes. The lights are allowed to cool, the packer deflated, withdrawn and preparation for the next repair begins.

For more information on our Localised repair service, contact USSR Ltd on +353 94 9038795 or info@usa-ltd.ie