PERMAFIX® Manhole Rehabilitation

PERMAFIX® Manhole Rehabilitation

PERMAFIX® Manhole Rehabilitation is a system which allows for the permanent reinstatement of manholes in roadways / carriageways which prevents subsidence, shifting or moving of covers and frames. As shown in the images, these are typical manholes that can be found throughout the country.


The PERMAFIX® System

Manhole figure 1 Manhole figure 2
Fig 1 Subsided manhole Fig 2 Bitumen surface deterioration


The PERMAFIX® System, which uses mastic asphalt in the bedding and surround of the frame to finish road level, prevents shifting, sinking or collapse of the frame and cover. Traditionally cut bricks, blocks, sand and cement have been used in setting manhole frames. As illustrated by the photographs this finish has a short lifespan.


Manhole figure 3 Manhole figure 4
Fig 3  Frame exposed Fig 4  Failed concrete surround


The PERMAFIX ® System ensures that a permanent reinstatement is achieved. The images shown below are newly Reseated Manhole Covers by USSR Ltd.


Reseated Manhole Cover Reseated Manhole Cover
Fig 4  Reseated manhole cover Fig 6  Reseated manhole cover


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