Manhole Rehabilitation

Manhole Rehabilitation

Renovation of Manholes is just one service that USSR Ltd. offers. Our Manhole Rehab service is both efficient and cost-effective. Manholes are underground chambers built to provide man-entry access to service maintain sewer and drain lines, water valves and meters, and communication and power equipment. They are subject to erosion from ground water intrusion, corrosion from liquids and gases, dynamic traffic loads as well as general deterioration from age and wear and because of this Manhole Rehabilitation is required in most cases. Out of sight, their degradation is not easily monitored and is hard to know if there is a need for Manhole Repair. When neglected, complete collapse is likely. Fortunately, USSR Ltd. offers a complete Manhole Repairs service.


Rehabilitate Manholes

USSR Ltd. Rehabilitate ManholesManhole Lining or Manhole Relining is one of our key services. Occurring at least every 50-100 meters they are an integral part of each piping system. Studies have shown that more than half of all pipe defects occur within 3m of either side of manholes. And, since they are in direct contact with the surface, they are often the first segment of the sewer system to result in major damage.

With the advent of effective pipe repair technologies, the defects and problems in manholes are now receiving increased attention with many organisations and Authorities looking to use the services of reputable Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation companies. Manhole Repair is now a much sought after service. The leaks that are prevented by lining pipes are redirected to the next weakest part of the system, which are usually the manholes. Engineers and cities worldwide are realizing the benefit of effective Manhole Repairs. They know that neglecting such an integral part of the system, by concentrating on the pipe, only shifts the problem. Having any part of the system fail means that the whole system has failed. The good news is that manholes are the easiest segment to investigate and the most effective and least costly to repair. Sealing Manholes or Manhole Waterproofing as it is sometimes referred to as, has never been more popular.

To view an animation on Permacast Manhole Rehabilitation click the link or call us directly on 01 4564991 to discuss our Manhole Relining service.

Manhole Injection

Leaking Manholes can cause problems for the environment. Manhole Injection is a process to stop infiltration in manholes and surfaces made of concrete. It has many advantages such as being environmentally friendly, fast-acting and impermeable to water.


Re-benching of Manholes

Re-benching of Manholes involves replacing any defective cement and sand haunching that lies between the manhole walls and the pipes. Manhole Benching stops problems with rodents and the slashing of waste and water from incoming branch lines. Contact us directly for more information on Manhole Benching.

USSR Ltd offers a range of methods to solve any size and degree of Polyspray. Contact USSR on +353 1 4564991 for further details on our Manhole Inspection and Manhole Rehabilitationservice.