Manhole Serveys

Manhole Serveys

Our Manhole Surveying teams undertake detailed measurement surveys of public, private and Industrial sewerage assets of all types. We carry out surveys of:

The size of Manhole Surveys can be from several thousand to a couple of manholes. Using GPS we can accurately determine the position and level of assets to Irish National Grid (ING) and Ordnance Level Datum. Detailed drawings of structures are produced using Autocad.

Manhole Inspections

Our site staff are Confined Spaces certified allowing teams to safely enter underground assets and undertake potentially hazardous Manhole Inspections with the view to implementing successful Manhole Repairs / Manhole Lining. Each crew has a member trained in CSCS signing, lighting and guarding ensuring that working in any environment – busy city street to rural road – is possible.

All Manhole CCTV Surveys undergo rigorous in-house quality control and re-measuring checks to ensure we meet the stringent measurement tolerances required by our clients. Our Drainage Mapping service uses top-of-the-range GPS Surveying Equipment

SUS25 Survey

Manhole Inspection Surveys are carried out using Model Contract Document criteria to STC25 or SUS25 standards and are accompanied by photographic records and maps. The teams accurately record asset construction features, including incoming and outgoing pipes, cover and invert levels, chamber and shaft size producing an accurate record of the asset which is used to assist future sewer network design. Together with a CCTV Drain Survey the end result is a complete drainage area plan.
For further details on Taking in Charge Surveys in relation to County Councils please click here.