Combined Sewer Overflow Surveys

Combined Sewer Overflow Surveys

Most of the older drainage systems in Ireland are Combined Sewers Systems, which were designed to collect both wastewater and storm run off in the same pipes. The Combined Sewer System is designed to overflow during rains and discharge excess wastewater directly to rivers, streams and other bodies of water. This discharge occurs via a Sewer Overflow chamber. The location and surveying of these Combined Sewage Overflow ( CSO Survey ) chambers has a very important role to play as a result and in fact form an integral part of any Drainage Area Studies in an area. Contact Us for more information on Combined Sewage Overflow Chambers.

Solving Combined Sewer Overflow Problems

USA Ltd provides a full and comprehensive Sewer CCTV Survey Service. This will include construction features, including incoming and outgoing pipes ( Pipe Renovation ), cover and invert levels, chamber and shaft size producing an accurate record of the asset which is used to assist future sewer network design. The final Sewer Survey or CSO Investigation report will include a detailed drawing and Photographs.

For solutions to Combined Sewer Overflow Problems or to arrange a Sewer Survey contact USA Ltd. on +353 1 4564991

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