Test & Seal - Sewer Joint Testing and Sewer Joint Sealing

Test & Seal - Sewer Joint Testing and Sewer Joint Sealing

Test & Seal - Sewer Joint Testing and Sealing=

Testing Sewer Pipe Joints

USSR Ltd’s Test and Seal System is used to test the watertight integrity of clean structurally sound pipelines and line joints. Our Sewer Pipe Joints Sealing service ensures each sewer line section or joint is isolated using an inflatable test device called a packer. Air is injected at a controlled pressure into the isolated area and then shut off. A pressure transducer measures the isolated area pressure over a set time period. If the pressure remains constant or there is only a small pressure drop, the line or joint is considered good. If the isolated area cannot hold the air pressure, it is considered a failure and sealing urethane grout is injected into the isolated area. When located, the leaks are stopped by injecting the urethane soil sealing grout ( Joint Injection ) that stabilizes the soil and fills voids outside of pipe and stops ground water flow through the soil.

Leak Sealing

Chemical grout was first developed and applied in 1955. Since that time it has been used to stop leaks in sewers, manholes, tanks, vaults, tunnels, and many other applications all over the world. Recent studies and over 40 years of experience indicate it is still the best, most cost-effective, long-term defense against infiltration of groundwater into structurally sound sewer systems. Trust USSR Ltd. for Leak Sealing and Repair of Joints.

Urethane Grout=
Urethane grout forms a waterproof collar around leaking pipes and manholes. Urethane grouts do not stop Sewer Leaks by simply filling joints and cracks. Instead, grout is forced into the surrounding soil where it gels with the soil into a waterproof mass which cannot be extruded back into the sewer system.

Sewer Pipe Sealing

The following few paragraphs will give a good explanation of the Sewer Pipe Sealing process. This water-tight collar adheres to the outer surface of the pipe or manhole where it will stay indefinitely unless removed by excavation or exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. If groundwater pressures increase, the collar will be pressed even more tightly against the structure, increasing its ability to stop leaks.

Sewer Pipe Sealing=
If the humidity in the soil declines for a long period, the grout may begin to dry, also. However, when the soil humidity returns, the grout will absorb moisture and return to its original condition. The soil humidity around Leaking Manholes and Leaking Sewers is almost always high enough to prevent any significant shrinkage of the gel.

Test and Seal height=

Sewer Joints

Most infiltration enters structurally sound sewer systems through Sewer Joints, manholes, service connections, and the first few metres of the service lateral. The best, and most economical, way to stop these leaks is with urethane grout. Every step of the test and seal operation can be recorded on video tape to provide a permanent record of the exact condition of the pipeline. Interested parties will be able to observe the position of the packer at each joint, the results of the initial air test, the pressure and amount of grout injected, and the follow-up air test.
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