Lateral Sealing

Lateral Sealing

Cosmic “TOP HAT” – Lateral Sealing System

The first system in the industry to offer a permanent Lateral Sealing in Relined Pipelines. The TOP HAT Rehabilitation System uses a Polyester impregnated corrosion resistant fibreglass insert. It can reach 150mm to 200mm into the lateral and creates a 3? “brim” in the main pipe. The Epoxy component achieves superior sealing on wet surfaces. The equipment package has 6 applicators and is capable of covering 150mm to 600mm main pipes and 100 – 225mm laterals.


Top Hat Rehabilitation System

The TOP HAT Rehabilitation System used in conjunction with The INPIPE Lining Systemprovides a complete main Sewer Renovation. Defective connections, junctions etc can be renovated ensuring that infiltration is excluded at the connection point to the host sewer, and providing a permanent structural repair

Top Hat Lateral Sealing System=

Repair Lateral Connection

Lateral Rehabilitation is no longer a problem due to our Top Hat System which has been successfully proven to Repair Lateral Connections. The unique fibreglass insert fits T or Y connections. It is delivered impregnated and wrapped in protective black foil. Installation is simple. The laminate is placed on the applicator, driven to the lateral / connection and inserted by air pressure. The laminate is cured by UV light. Additional self-propelled cutting equipment for removal of intrusions, preparation works pre repairs.

Lateral Connection Cutting Equipment=

The Installation Unit is custom designed. All work is controlled from the operator room. The Installation rig is fully equipped and built to the highest standard. Each Pipe Renovation / Pipe Repair is recorded on Video and the T number recorded.

Installation Unit=
The rear working area of the installation unit contains the reels, robots and applicators. The compressors, generators are silenced units, positioned at the front of the Installation Unit.

Rear working area of the installation unit=
Installation Unit

Installation unit=
View of renovated lateral at entry point to main sewer

Renovated lateral=
View from lateral point down to the main sewer

Lateral point down=
Applicator for insertion of TOP HAT Rehabilitation System complete with external and internal cameras for positioning and placement of the Hat

Applicator for insertion=
Preparation of the hat and placement on the applicator in the Installation Unit.

Preparation for the hat=
Prepared Top-Hat Rehabilitation System ready for installation

Prepared top-hat=
Remote controlled robotic applicator in main sewer

Remote controlled robotic applicator=


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