Manhole to Manhole Lining

Manhole to Manhole Lining

INPIPE is a glass fibre reinforced composite lining system for sewers CURED-IN-PLACE by ultra violet light. INPIPE is an advanced close-fit CURED-IN-PLACE-PIPE (CIPP) MANHOLE TO MANHOLE SEWER LINING SYSTEM.


Watch our video on PIPE INSTALLATION below:

The photos below are an example of a 1200×900 pipe before liningafter lining and after relining.

Figure 1: 1200×900 culvert before lining

Manhole to Manhole Lining

Figure 2: 1200×900 after lining

Manhole to Manhole Lining

Figure 3: 1200×900 after re-lining. Note open lateral.

Manhole to Manhole Lining


Sewer Sealing Services

USSR Ltd, provide a professional Sewer Sealing ServiceLateral Sealing is ideal as a no-dig sewer, structural lining system. The Lateral Sealing System ensures that bore reduction is minimised. The system is ideally suited to Irish towns, where there is minimal access to the sewer due to narrow streets and busy roads.


  • Durable, high strength lining means thinner liner walls and minimal reduction of flow cross section
  • Environmentally friendly – no noisy digging, no excavation
  • Structural repair – Sewer Pipes are stronger, last longer
  • Short installation/cure cycle time with same day return to service
  • Speed – Up to 175 metres of pipe rehabilitated per day
  • No-dig installation via existing manholes
  • Factory prepared liner material – consistent product quality


The No-Dig Repair Process

USSR truckThe No-Dig Pipe Repair process is managed by remote from one of our fleet of trucks.

A pre-formed liner is inverted into the Sewer Pipeline down a carrier tube directly from a special unit by pressurisation with air.

The liner is then cured with the use of a unique ultraviolet light train.

Once cured, the end sections of the liner are cut off and trimmed back to the host pipe and the annulus sealed off at the ends with epoxy mortar.

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