Pipe re-rounding

Pipe re-rounding

Most pipe deflection can be caused by poor compaction of bedding material during the installation process or increased loading during their lifecycle.

USSR ltd offers a system that not only re-rounds deflected sections of pipe, it also improves compaction of the bedding material around the pipe, permanently preventing further deflection.

The re-rounding system has a patented efficient vibratory design. It’s the leading choice for solving deflection problems in flexible pipe.┬áThe re-rounder transmits powerful high frequency vibrations outward through the pipe wall and into the granular bedding and backfill surrounding the pipe. The vibration compacts the bedding, allowing the backfill load to be evenly distributed around the pipe. Vibration is transmitted radially. There is no impact force driving the re-rounder forward.

As the vibrator is pulled through the pipe and the bedding is compacted, the deflected pipe returns to its original round shape.

It’s the best, fastest, most economical system you can use to re-round flexible sewer pipes. Most re-rounding projects take less than one day to complete.

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