Lateral Lining

Lateral Lining

With the unique INPIPE Cured-In-Place Liners it is possible to rehabilitate service lines direct from the mains without having to excavate. Made-to-measure liners with lengths of up to 18 metres are used in the technique, making it ideal for service line rehabilItation from the mains to the property boundary or to the nearest manhole on the property. This Lateral Lining service is offered by USSR Ltd. The process is outlined below:

1. The mains are plugged and the service line water jetted. The entire made-to-measure liner is transported to the service line in rolled-up form.

Top Hat

2. The liner is inverted into the service line using compressed air and then cured by means of UV light.

Inpipe GRP Lateral Lining

3. Installation is completed within a few hours, and the newly rehabilitated service line is once again ready for use.

Inpipe GRP Lateral Lining


Cured-In-Place Pipe Liners

Liner design is based on INPIPES well-establlshed method of woven flbreglass reinforcement. which provides liners with exceptional flexibility and ensures optimum contact with the existing pipe. This method of Rehabilitating Pipeline service lines direct from the mains with Cured-In-Place Liners is unique because the mains end of the liner is fitted with a top hat. which ensures a completely watertight connection.

Work is performed from a mains manhole using a specially designed robot that transports the liner to the service line and installs it. The liner is then Cured In Place by means of UV light. All work processes are carefully monitored on a closed-circut television screen via miniature cameras built into the robots.

The INPIPES technique can be used in any type of mains larger than 200 mm in diameter. As installation can be accomplished quickly – usually within about 2 hours – this Pipeline Rehabilitation technique causes minimum inconvenience during the Pipe Lining process to those affected by the service line being shut off while the work is performed.

For more information on INPIPES Cured-In-Place (CIPP) Lining service contact USSR Ltd on +353 1 4564991.

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