Pipeline testing for IPC compliance

USA Ltd provides a sophisticated testing system right across Ireland for sewer/water pipelines and manholes to determine their integrity. A pipeline integrity inspection is often specified in site environmental licences such as IED, IPC and Waste Licences.  Many such licences in Ireland also require pipeline integrity inspection of storm water and foul water (i.e. domestic effluent) lines. This computerised system allows us to apply an air/water pressure test to detect any leaks or faults that may be present. Our qualified engineers can then provide a report of the structural integrity and may advise on any further actions in relation to this.

This Air Pressure testing is provided for:

  • Checking the integrity of joints and connections.
  • Ensuring there is no cross contamination between foul sewage and storm water drainage systems.
  • Checking that no effluent fluid from within the system can escape into surrounding areas.