Sewer Cleaning and Pipe Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning and Pipe Cleaning



Our mission is to provide a high quality, high production Drain Cleaning Service in an environmentally friendly manner. We specialize in Drain Cleaning using the latest Waste Water Recycling technology, the Super 3000. All our Sewer Pipe Cleaning staff are highly qualified.


The Super 3000
The Super 3000 for Sewer and Pipe Cleaning


Features of The Super 3000 for Sewer Cleaning and Pipe Cleaning:


    •  Continuous Waste Water Recycling technology by means of filtration, 4-stage sedimentation and separation of particles by the use of cyclones.
    •  180-degree swivel arm, hydraulic swing and 1200mm telescopic, which allows easy access to obstructed manholes for Drain Cleaning.


Hydraulic Swing for Sewer Cleaning



  •  Built in Sludge Treatment System for Sewerage Cleaning, which allows the sludge to be cleaned in the tank by a combination of high-pressure water and air, the organic material is then discharged back to the sewer by floatation.The sludge tank can be dewatered in minutes by means of a system of internal augers and the suction boom; this greatly reduces the volume of the silt.
  •  Ideal for Sewer Blockage The Super 3000 enables discharge of sludge by screw conveyor allows sludge to be discharged into a standard skip. This can be done on site thus further increasing the production of the Super 3000. (No need to leave the work site in order to empty the sludge)


Lowering the level of the riverbed under a bridge to prevent flooding
Lowering the level of the riverbed     



  •  Huge increase in cleaning production (2 to 3 times the production of a conventional machine).
  •  Huge Economic and Environmental savings as drinking water is not used for the purpose of Sewer Cleaning;  the Super 3000 recycles the water from the sewer and uses it to clean the sewer.
  •  Huge Economic and Environmental savings as there is no extra water introduced into the sewer network by the cleaning process, (no extra water to be treated in the treatment works)
  •  Quick removal of sludge from the super 3000 at the work site.
  •  Huge timesavings in areas where water pressure is low and hydrants cannot be used by conventional machines, the Super 3000 does not need to use the hydrants.

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