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Taking in Charge Reports

To conform to County Council Guidelines with regard to the Taking in Charge of housing developments a CCTV Survey / Manhole Survey is required. USA Ltd carries out all aspects of the Taking-in-Charge process. These CCTV Surveys involve preparing reports, maps and DVD’s to suit individual specifications.


Underground CCTV Survey


The Underground CCTV Survey will include:


  •    Cleaning the Sewers prior to surveying.
  •   CCTV Survey / Manhole Survey carried out .
  •    CCTV Survey Report – conforming to WRC Manual on Sewer Condition Classification – along with footage on DVD. ( Link)
  •     A Drainage Layout Plan of As-Constructed Sewers prepared in mapdrain (Link) format showing a detailed survey of each manhole and sewer structure.
  •     A digitised layout of the As-Constructed housing estate in Autocad (dwg/dxf) format indicated the invert and cover level of each manhole. All reports and drawings are prepared to national grid co-ordinates.


We also provide Pre and Post Construction CCTV Surveys.


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