Testing of Sewers

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Testing of Sewers

USSR Ltd. provides a sophisticated system for the Testing of Sewers and Testing of Water Pipes. This computerised system allows us to apply a pressure test to detect any leaks or faults. Our qualified Engineers can advise you in matters related to Underground Sewers Renewal and Underground Piping Renewal. Our Sewer Testing service will assess the structural integrity of sewers. We will help determine any risk involved and keep track of the quality of the sewers and pipes.


CCTV Sewer Surveying


Our specialised CCTV Surveying equipment allows us to carry out a full investigation in some of the most inaccessible environments. During the Testing of Sewers procedure the leakage can be observed and the amount of ground water collected by the sewer can be measured accurately. All our work is carried out by highly experienced and fully qualified operators.


For more information on the Testing of Sewers contact us on +353 1 4564991.