UV cure GRP pipe lining

UV cure GRP pipe lining

Pipe lining is a ‘No-Dig Trenchless technology” used in the rehabilitation and renovation of existing damaged and deteriorated underground pipes, sewers and culverts without the need for excavation. USSR ltd use our UV cured-in-place pipe lining process to restore pipe structural integrity, eliminate infiltration and root ingress, protect pipelines from chemical attack, improve water quality and increase pipeline flow capacity.

The system uses existing manhole access points to install the lining material and the liner can be installed by inversion or winching in place.

Inversion involves the blowing of the liner into the pipeline and the process is outlined below.

We source our material from Europe’s leading suppliers and the pre-impregnated glass fibre reinforced composite material is shipped directly to site.

The UV cure system benefits of speed, quality and high strength make the GRP lining system suited to

  • Sites with short working windows
  • Sewers and culverts under rail lines, motorways and other heavy infrastructure
  • Outfall lines discharging to water courses

Advantages of UV cure GRP Relining:

  • Can be used in pipe sizes from 100mm upwards
  • Renovation of pipelines that are inaccessible for traditional excavation methods.
  • Production rates of up to 180m installed per day with a minimal installation footprint.
  • Speed of installation allows for cost savings compared to traditional excavation.
  • Can be used immediately after installation.
  • Eliminates disruption to traffic caused by open excavation.
  • Liner is designed as a “stand alone pipe” which does not require any support from the existing pipe structure thus increasing the pipe lifespan.
  • Liner thickness can be varied to supply the optimum design giving maximum strength with the minimum loss of diameter.
  • Material resins can be modified to cater for harsh chemical environments with high temperatures, especially in production facilities who clean-in-place using caustic solutions.
  • Low coefficient of friction improves flow efficiency.
  • Glass matrix in the lining material allows for high strength to thickness ratio producing a strong and durable liner with the flexibility to cater for pipe movement.
  • Suitable for lining pipes with typical faults of root ingression, leaking joints, open/ displaced joints, cracks and fractures.
  • The GRP material has a proven track record of 35 years, which has been accepted as the industry standard and specified by professional bodies.
  • WRC and D-ibt approved


For more information on UV Cured-In-Place (CIPP) Lining service contact USSR Ltd on +353 94 9038795 or info@usa-ltd.ie