Water Main Cleaning

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Water Main Cleaning

Air Scouring of Water Mains is an extremely effective ‘non-aggressive’ method of Water Main Cleaning. From 75mm diameter to 300mm diameter, with typical cleaning lengths ranging from 100 to 1000 metres. Factair, in conjunction with the Water Research Council pioneered the Air Scouring process in the UK.



Air Scouring Water Treatment


Air Scouring Water Treatment works by using filtered ‘oil free’ compressed air, injected into the mains via a hydrant to propel a small volume of water at high velocity. Air and water are ejected together with any suspended solids from a hydrant at the end of the length being cleaned. This system has the effect of achieving water velocities high enough to carry loose deposits in the water stream.


Water Filtration Process


Provided with a continuous supply of compressed air and water in the right proportions, discrete slugs of water are formed in the main and are driven along at high velocity by the compressed air. It is the slug flow system that enables solids to remain suspended in the water over the long distances being cleaned. This is how the Water Filtration Process works.


Benefits of Air Scouring Water Mains


  •   More effective at removing loose deposits than flushing’
  •   Mains up to 300mm in diameter can be cleaned
  •   Long lengths (up to 1000m) can be cleaned in one go
  •   Mains excavation is not required
  •   A mixture of air and water penetrates and dislodges material which is unreachable by flushing, proving effective in the removal of animals. Shorter purge lengths and higher velocities can be successfully used in the removal of bacteriological slimes
  •   More cost effective than swabbing.


For Air Scouring / Water Line Cleaning to work efficiently in clean water mains it is essential that the compressed air is cooled and filtered o the highest standard prior to use. USSR Ltd has a range of purpose-built air scouring units ideal for the Filtration of Water including 125 and 250 CFM trolley units for use in conjunction with existing compressors and 130 CFM PS130C totally self-contained units, with integral air compressor. All units incorporate cooling and filtration control valves, pressure gauges and necessary hoses to enable full connection and use of the compressed air system for Airscouring. Further data sheets on USSR Ltd equipment are available on request. For comprehensive technical details of the ‘ Air Scouring Water Treatment Process ‘ please refer to the Water Research Councils publication ” Water Main Cleaning Handbook” Ref: UM1429 or contact us, the Water Line Cleaning experts on +353 1 4564991.