USA Ltd. has been carrying out CCTV surveys for over 30 years. There have been many changes in the technology/software used in the industry in this time. However, throughout all these changes to goal of USA Ltd. has always been to provide high quality data to our clients. To that end all USA Ltd. CCTV operators and staff reviewing CCTV are qualified and accredited with pipe sewer condition classification OS19x and brick sewer condition classification OS21x. This ensures that all operators are qualified to classify pipes to MSCC5. Together with the experience of the CCTV operators this ensures that all CCTV surveys are carried out to the highest possible standard.


WinCan is the sewer inspection software used by USA Ltd. The use of WinCan and specifically WinCan Web allows USA Ltd to now share the survey data in real time with the office team and the client. The inbuilt validation functions in WinCan in addition to inhouse checks ensure that the data received by the client following the CCTV survey is of the highest standard. The software automatically grades each line with a structural and service grade which allows the client to identify the pipes that need the most urgent attention. Based on this grading of the lines and the defect identified on the pipes USA Ltd., offers our cline recommendations and cost analysis of the repairs required.


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