Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys

USA Ltd carryout Topographical Drainage Surveys as part of an overall investigation of the drainage in an area or site. Our experienced Topographical Surveyors use the most up to date GPS system or in areas of heavy construction or dense tree cover a total station. This allows the manholes to be positioned to National Grid and the inverts of pipes to be measured to Ordnance Level Datum.

Drainage Surveys

As mentioned above a Topographical Survey can help with Drainage Plans that need to be undertaken. USA Ltd can handle your needs and submit the Topographical Survey report in various media formats. USA Ltd. only use the latest, most advanced equipment to give accurate Drainage Survey readings.

To facilitate future search queries Topographical Studies are also referred to As Constructed Study, As Built Study, GPR Study, Ground Penetrating Radar Study and Utility Study.

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