Drainage Area Surveys

Drainage Area Surveys

Most towns and villages across Ireland have seen an increase in housing and industrial development in recent years. This has lead to Drainage Sewerage systems becoming overloaded often with surface water connected to foul. One of the results has been Sewers and Drains flooding at times of heavy rainfall.

Manhole Overflow Pipes

One short-term solution to this problem was to add a Manhole Overflow Pipe near watercourse or the cost allowing excess flows to discharge from the sewers into the watercourse or sea. Public awareness of environmental issues such as river and coastal water quality has increased over the years and European legislation has been a major driver for environmental improvements. A Drainage Area Study is undertaken to investigate these issues and find solutions.

Drainage Area Study

A Drainage Area Study is a comprehensive study of an entire Drainage Sewerage catchment, which uses a vast amount of asset and performance data on the condition, performance and future capabilities of the sewers in that area.

USA Ltd is an expert in this field. We typically survey a given site looking for signs of infiltration in sewers and manholes and misuse or cross connections. This study involves:

Once the initial survey has been carried out we identify areas for improvement and offer solutions and rectification. Reports, Maps and DVD’s of CCTV footage form part of the final report that offers a complete model of the catchment area.
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